Meet the Team

Edward Glauser

Group CEO and Producer

With over 18 years in the private equity and international investment banking sector, Ed has accumulated significant financial experience in large corporate and private institutions. At business accountancy firm, Baker Tilly (now RSM), he delivered specialised structured finance support to the media, entertainment and sports industry group. For over five years he worked on financing numerous film and TV productions, stage shows and live events. He established a broad network of media industry contacts and gained detailed broadcast and distribution sector knowledge and international production experience. In 2001, he established European Arts & Media (EAM), an intellectual property rights management business providing corporate finance services to the entertainment media industry based in the UK, Ireland and Switzerland.

With the ambition of getting directly into production and rights ownership, Ed co-founded Komixx Media Group with Andrew Cole-Bulgin and Richard Randolph in 2007. Ed is principally responsible for determining strategy and direction for Komixx and planning and implementing international growth. He also oversees group-wide corporate financial management, production financing and management of the creative rights portfolio. Working together Ed and Andrew hold joint responsibility for creative direction of Komixx and the selection and development of projects with Head of Development, Melanie Halsall. Ed fulfils the role of either Producer or Executive Producer across all Komixx projects.

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Group CEO and Producer

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