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Wanda and The Alien

Wanda and The Alien

When a young and scared alien crashes with his space rocket into the wood, little rabbit Wanda’s world becomes even more interesting and exciting. After a few moments of hesitation, they become best friends in the universe.

Based on the best-selling books from award-winning author Sue Hendra. Friendship and exploring differences are the catalyst for each episode as Wanda and Alien, who has crash-landed his rocket in Wanda’s woodland home, become new best friends.

Alien uses his magic to help us look at everyday things and events in a new light. By slowing down movement, taking colours from the rainbow, painting the grass blue and the sky green, making creatures out of clouds and turning raindrops into crystals, the series creates a world of constant fun and adventure for us to share with Wanda and Alien.

As the series progresses and Alien’s rocket is mended, Wanda and Alien travel between each other’s worlds, explore their differences, have a lot of fun and laughter, and understand that friendship is the key to happiness: it’s a friendship that’s out of this world!