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Stanley The Can Do Hamster

Stanley The Can Do Hamster

Stanley is a kind and considerate hamster who lives in a little flat above his garage in a friendly village.

Based on the books by Williambee, Stanley is a kind and considerate hamster who will do anything to help his neighbours in Little Whiskering, the riverside hamlet they call home. When something is broken or sinking or missing or leaking the villagers ring Stanley who runs the local garage. He can do anything – or will at least give it a go!

Always happy to help a mouse with housing issues or a vole in a boat with a hole, our hamster hero drops everything to rush to their rescue in one of the many wonderful vehicles he works on at work. With his box of tools and ‘paws on’ approach to problem solving he always saves the day – although not in ways anyone might be expecting. Stanley has very creative ideas!

With appealing designs and a wry style of storytelling, Stanley is the modest, somewhat eccentric star of a show that celebrates community, helping others and the joy of lateral thinking.