Itch - Komixx Entertainment



15-year-old Itchingham (Itch) Lofte has odd name and an extraordinary hobby – collecting all the elements in the periodic table.

Itch is halfway to his goal when he comes across a lump of rock tentatively identified as element 126. Itch’s new, mysterious bit of rock is warm to the touch and intensely radioactive. It has the power to save change or destroy the world.

Soon Itch finds himself pursued by evil corporation Greencorps, his malevolent teacher and a top-secret government agency, all looking to get their hands on this fiendish element. Itch knows that if it gets into the wrong hands, the whole world could be in danger.

With only a couple of friends he can trust, Itch sets off on a desperate mission to keep 126 away from these dark forces and get it to the only person he thinks can help him – his Dad.  But all the while, Greencorps are closing in… and the deadly rocks are slowly poisoning him.

Itch… and the future of the planet… are running out of time

Sam Ireland (as Itch), Itch – Photograph by David Dare Parker