by admin 26th June 2019

UK, Australia and US based independent film and TV producer, Komixx Entertainment Ltd, today announces it has secured a development deal with BBC Worldwide for Stanley the Can-Do Hamster; an animated television series based on the Stanley picture books by children’s author and illustrator William Bee.

Under the agreement, BBC Worldwide will be the executive producers on the animated series and have exclusive rights to all other IP business rights globally, including transmitting the series on their worldwide Cbeebies channels. This is the first time Komixx Entertainment Ltd and BBC Worldwide have developed a project together.

The animated series will follow the adventures of Stanley, a kind and considerate hamster who will do anything to help his neighbours in Little Whisker, the riverside hamlet they call home. When something is broken or sinking or missing or leaking the villagers call Stanley at the repair garage he runs. Stanley can do anything – or will at least give it a go!

Always happy to help a mouse with housing issues or a vole in a boat with a hole, our hamstery hero drops everything to rush to their rescue in one of the many wonderful vehicles he works on at work. With his box of tools and ‘paws on’ approach to problem solving he always saves the day – although not in ways anyone might be expecting. Stanley has very creative ideas!

With appealing designs and a wry style of storytelling, Stanley is the modest, somewhat eccentric star of a show that celebrates community, helping others and the joy of lateral thinking.

Stanley was created by the British author and illustrator William Bee, who Komixx has also brought on-board to be the Art Director on the series.

Andrew Cole-Bulgin, joint CEO and Head of Film & TV, Komixx Media Group, says, “We are hugely excited to confirm this agreement with BBC Worldwide for Stanley the Can-Do Hamster, which not only reaffirms our expertise in identifying quality children’s IP for TV but is a testament to the great potential of this property. We are delighted to be working with BBC Worldwide and we hope that this will lead to a series that international audiences will love”.

Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Director of Cbeebies Investment, BBC Worldwide says, “We are very pleased to be developing Stanley the Can-Do Hamster with Komixx Entertainment. We are looking forward to bringing these fantastic characters and stories to life and introducing them to viewers across the globe.”

Komixx has a strong track record in selecting and developing IP for the children’s market. Stanley the Can-Do Hamster is the latest animation project that Komixx Entertainment Ltd is developing across all platforms spanning home television, cinema, online, on-demand, mobile media and live events, which include Toby’s Travelling Circus, Dog Loves Books, Wanda and the Alien and Fish Head Steve.

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