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Komixx Options Young Adult Digital Thriller Novel ‘Captured’

by admin 26th June 2019

One of Wattpad’s most-read books and winner of its 2014 best of horror Watty Award, ‘Captured,’ is a thriller that author Kelly Anne Blount hopes will leave audiences so disturbed they will need to shower.

U.S., U.K. and Australia-based independent film and TV producer Komixx Entertainment announced Monday that it has optioned worldwide screen rights to best-selling author Kelly Anne Blount’s YA thriller, “Captured.”

Komixx Media Group has produced live-action and animated content for many of the world’s largest digital content providers and traditional broadcasters alike. Included among its production partners are Netflix, BBC and NickJr. The company focuses on children and young-adult programming and has put a strong emphasis on creating content for emerging digital markets, frequently looking to YA literature for adaptation opportunities.

Currently in post-production and set for distribution by Netflix, “The Kissing Booth,” is the film adaptation of the hit YA novel by the same name, penned by 18 year old Author Beth Reekles and starring YA legend Molly Ringwald. Additional series already in production at Komixx are “The Winter Horses,” based on the book from NYT best-selling author Phillip Kerr, another YA thriller series titled “Itch,” and “The Monster Republic,” also being adapted from a series of YA novels.

It seems only appropriate that Komixx, a company highly-motivated to make waves in up-and-coming digital formats, would look to a progressive digital literature format to source its upcoming content. Wattpad lets readers choose from a constant stream of new user-created content. The site socializes the reading process and gives members the chance to practice their own hand at writing, and interact with one another and other authors. “Captured,” has more than 16 million reads on the site and won its award for best of horror in 2014.

In 2016 Komixx optioned one of Blount’s other works, “Under,” but “Captured,” was the author’s debut novel. In the book, seventeen-year-old Abriana Vega is assaulted, blindfolded and thrown in the trunk of a car when an online dating experience takes a dark turn. Abriana must keep her composure and use all of her wit and cunning to survive the night and get back home, where even more unknown life-threatening danger awaits.

Andrew Cole-Bulgin, group chief creative officer and head of film and TV at Komixx said: “Kelly Anne Blount is one of the biggest names in the exciting pool of talent emerging from platforms such as Wattpad. Her loyal and global fan base is a testament to the quality of stories and writing represented by both ‘Captured,’ and ‘Under,’ and we’re delighted she has entrusted us to bring these narratives to the screen.”

He added: “This deal is yet another example of Komixx’s ability to identify valuable IP from exciting new sources to develop for film and TV. We know where to find quality material that excites the teenage generation.”

“Partnering with Komixx was an easy decision. Their vision for “Captured,” matched mine perfectly, a dark and gritty YA thriller so disturbing, you’re going to need to take a shower after experiencing it,” Blount said.

This article originally appeared on Variety