Who we are

Komixx Entertainment (Komixx) is a new generation, entertainment rights and production company operating at the forefront of digital content technologies.

Headquartered in London, and with offices in Los Angeles, the company develops and produces animated and live action entertainment. Using imaginative storylines and themes, its characters and creative concepts are selected to maximise the commercial value of established properties through multi-platform branding and distribution.

As an independent producer and rights owner, with global distribution alliances, Komixx is taking full advantage of digital entertainment technology, creating entertainment for the widest range of media platforms, including online, on-demand, mobile, home television and cinema.

The company also looks to exploit the maximum potential of its content through the wider development of ancillary licensing for toys, publishing, games, and associated merchandising.

All of the work is aimed at providing fresh, new entertainment for a family audience. With its experienced management team, Komixx fully understands how to create, develop, produce and finance media properties with enduring, global appeal.