Dr. Lazarus Fry had everything, a genius career, a beautiful wife and a treasured son… the perfect life. But when his son is struck by a rare disease Fry, who had conquered every challenge and never known defeat in his life, is unable to save the one thing that truly matters to him, his little boy. 

In the tragic fallout he loses his career, his wife, everything… but thinks he sees redemption in Cameron Riley, a young man in his twenties who suffers from the same disease that killed Fry’s son. Fry will stop at nothing to save Cameron and defeat the one thing that has beaten him… but at what cost? Fry will make a deal with the devil that will send him down a path he never could have foreseen and change the world as we know it.

REPUBLIC is a digital original feature franchise based on a screenplay by Miles Chapman (Escape Plan 1,2 & 3).