A thrilling action adventure series based on the bestselling novels by Robert Muchamore.

Cherub. No Angels.

After his mother dies and he is expelled from school for violence, James is sent to a children’s home. Forced to steal alcohol for the other residents, James is caught, arrested and taken to a police cell.

The next morning, James wakes in an unfamiliar room. He meets Dr Terrence ‘Mac’ McAfferty who explains that James is now on a military campus which houses a group of highly trained operatives, all under 18 years old and who, officially, do not exist. Taken from the wrong side of life, all the operatives have been selected by the security services because they possess certain qualities and potential. They are called CHERUBs and they are sent undercover on missions against international criminals and terrorists.   

Mac offers James a choice between joining CHERUB or a return to care. James opts to start the one hundred days of gruelling Basic Training to become a CHERUB. New friends, new enemies and a new family lie ahead for James as he and his fellow CHERUBs will spend the next five years finding and breaking their physical and mental limits.