Netflix orders feature-length adaptation of young adult novel The Kissing Booth from Komixx Entertainment.

Press Release

The children’s producer optioned the rights to Beth Reekles romantic novel from online publishing platform Wattpad, where the ebook has been read 19 million times since it was uploaded in 2012.  

The story is set in the US and follows sixteen-year-old Elle Evans and the ups and downs of her romance with the hottest boy in school, her best friend’s brother, Noah.

Komixx joint chief executives Andrew Cole-Bulgin and Edward Glauser will executive produce the film, which was commissioned by Netflix director of content acquisition Ian Bricke. It will be adapted by writer and director Vince Marcello.

Netflix has previously purchased Komixx series Toby’s Travelling Circus and Wanda And The Alien but this is the first exclusive deal it has struck with the company.

The London-based business, which has offices in Los Angeles, specialises in identifying IP with commercial potential for pre-school, family and young adult authored content, to develop it into TV and film.

Komixx is also working on adaptations of other novels for young adults, including Philip Kerr’s The Winter Horses, Simon Mayo’s Itch thriller series and Emma Pass’ The Fearless and Acid.

Cole-Bulgin said he had also optioned the rights to the prequel and the sequel of The Kissing Booth, which Reekles, wrote when she was 15, as well as a novella.

He said that Netflix was the perfect home for the adaptation.

“It was very much about if your audience is [on Wattpad] and it’s online, why would you transition it too far away? Every time you ask the audiences to move away from where they go to consume this material, you’re losing half of them,” he said. 

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