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An aspirational sexy and cool romantic teen film based on the novel written by eighteen year-old... More

Cherub. They’re no Angels.

A thrilling action adventure series based on the bestselling... More

Based on USA TODAY’S bestselling author Kelly Anne Blount.

WARNING: Kidnapped,... More

A thrilling and dramatic series following Caden, a serial stalker and killer, whose life is... More

Dr. Lazarus Fry had everything; a genius career, a beautiful wife and a treasured son… But after... More

Can Bonnie Tooke, a quiet, bookish 16 yr old, save her mother’s failing Indie Music Business?... More

Based on the best-selling novel by Phillip Kerr

A breath-taking tale of survival set in... More


Co-Produced by Komixx/Polygon Films USA Inc. [UK/US] 

Meet the men and women blasting... More


Esme is a curious, creative and imaginative eight year-old girl who lives with her parents in a... More

An anarchic animation series based on the comic strips by Jamie Smart

Fish Head Steve is... More

Based on the books by Williambee, Stanley is a kind and considerate hamster who will do anything... More

Dog loves books is from the highly regarded author Louise Yates, Winner of the Roald Dahl funny... More

Based on the best-selling books from award-winning author Sue Hendra. Friendship and exploring... More

Toby’s Travelling Circus is a fast-paced, warm-hearted, funny and hugely exciting animated... More