Business Model

As a business at the forefront of digital media innovation, Komixx’s goal is the creation of imaginative and highly visual family entertainment, through a branded-portfolio that includes enduring content and global intellectual properties. It also provides a fully risk-managed investment for shareholders, with strong capital growth potential.

At its heart, Komixx is a modern production and intellectual rights business, run by people possessing considerable, commercial expertise.

Established in 2007, the company’s management team has proven track-records in the industry and include a BAFTA award-winning producer, an advertising and global brand director and a private equity and asset manager.

Delivering audience-led, creative solutions based on proprietary market research techniques, Komixx can take initiatives forward either as Komixx Entertainment, or participating in joint ventures with established brands, illustrated by its partnership with Random House Children’s Publishers.

The business also recognises commercial realities.

At Komixx, business strategies encompass the re-examination of media finance and production strategies from the ground up. For example, web and mobile devices have created additional distribution platforms that allow shorter paths to the consumer for revenue optimisation. And everything at Komixx possesses a global perspective, from finance through to production and distribution.

While fully able to adapt and embrace multi-platform, digital media entertainment channels, Komixx is able to balance the entrepreneurial, imaginative and inspirational with strong investment backing and significant financial acumen.

Who we are

Komixx Entertainment is an independent TV production company operating at the forefront of digital content creation.

Headquartered in London, and with offices in Los Angeles and Perth WA, the company develops and produces animated and live-action entertainment. Using imaginative storylines and themes, its characters and creative concepts are selected to maximise the commercial value of established properties through multi-platform branding and distribution.

As an independent producer and rights owner, with global distribution alliances, Komixx is taking full advantage of digital entertainment technology, creating entertainment for the widest range of media platforms, including online, on-demand, mobile, home television and cinema.

The company also looks to exploit the maximum potential of its content through the wider development of ancillary licensing for toys, publishing, games, and associated merchandising.

All of the work is aimed at providing fresh, new entertainment for a family audience. With its experienced management team, Komixx fully understands how to create, develop, produce and finance media properties with enduring, global appeal.