A thrilling and dramatic series following Caden, a serial stalker and killer, whose life is spinning out of control. His latest infatuation, Hadley Jasper, is recovering from an accident which left her twin brother dead. After weeks of stalking Hadley, Caden barges into Hadley’s apartment, drugs her and kidnaps her. After a violent confrontation, Caden moves Hadley back to the place he hoped he’d never have to visit again, his childhood home where his father lives

But Hadley escapes and as Caden tries to recapture her, he ends up with a bullet hole in his leg and an irate father.  Now being held against his will, Caden must deal with losing Hadley, while chained up in his father’s cellar.  Forced to live by Pop’s demented rules, Caden is now fighting for his own life.