Featuring Jason Lively, he’s known to viewers young and old as Rusty Griswold from National Lampoon’s European Vacation. Today, he’s the 2016 version of Clark Griswold with a modern twist as a relatable, super adventurous single dad with three kids. Jason and his boys call Utah home where he runs a successful corn business. Get ready to follow Jason as he takes his own kids on a hilarious coming of age epic road trip to historic locations and amusement parks around the U.S.

Jason has been exposed to the movie star lifestyle, as an actor, as a brother to his superstar sister (Blake Lively) and bro-in-law (Ryan Reynolds), and even by the fact that he still parties with the likes of Leo DiCaprio and Kevin Connelly while in LA but the authentic American experience is what he craves.

Make no mistake, Jason Lively is a Super Dad on a mission to show his boys what our nation is all about while embracing every adventure that comes their way!